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Transportation Research Group


Will Goodrum's PhD dissertation 'Whole-life modelling of full-depth asphalt pavements' has been approved by the University.

The thesis investigated permanent deformation of asphalt pavements caused by dynamic loading of heavy vehicles.  The work was sponsored by the New South Wales Road Traffic Authority (RTA).


Modifications to heavy vehicle weights and dimensions policy in Australia have allowed certain vehicle configurations to operate at Higher Mass Limits (HML), in order to increase their productivity.  To take advantage of HML allowances, vehicles must be equipped with 'road-friendly' suspensions.  The road damaging potential of the vehicle must also be estimated using a formula based on the number of Equivalent Standard Axle Loads (ESALs) they apply to the pavement.

This dissertation outlines the development of a Whole-Life Pavement Performance Modelling (WLPPM) calculation to study the effects of HML and damper function on the maintenance costs of full-depth (>200mm) asphalt pavements.  This calculation synthesizes dynamic vehicle and pavement response models, allowing the investigation of the interaction between vehicle factors and pavement damage.

Latest news

PhD approved

12 March 2016

Amy Rimmer's PhD dissertation 'Autonomous Reversing of Multiply-Articulated Heavy Vehicles, PhD Dissertation, in Engineering Department' has been approved by the University.

PhD approved

12 March 2016

Graeme Morrison's PhD dissertation 'Combined Emergency Braking and Cornering of Articulated Heavy Vehicles' has been approved by the university.

PhD approved

3 February 2016

Qiheng (Matt) Miao's PhD dissertation 'Vision-based path-following control of articulated vehicles' has been approved by the university.