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Transportation Research Group

Welcome to the Transportation Research Group

Introduction to the TRG


Since the early 1980s, researchers in the Transport Research Group have been investigating the dynamics of heavy goods vehicles, their road-damaging characteristics as well as their safety, productivity and fuel consumption. The group is unusual in its cross-disciplinary approach, investigating projects spanning areas from heavy vehicle dynamics, safety and suspension design; to weigh-in-motion, vehicle-road interaction, and the failure mechanisms of asphalt pavements and paving materials.

A substantial proportion of the work is concerned with the dynamics, safety, productivity and CO2 emissions of heavy vehicles.  This work is undertaken with industrial partners from the Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium (CVDC) and the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight (SRF).

For more information on our different research areas, please see our research themes - or click on an image below...

Rutted A-Road Potholes due to dynamic loading Load Measuring Mat
Fuel Consumption Model Semi-Active Damper image_2G-valve


Three-point bend test on asphalt beam Finite element analysis of 3-point bend specimen CVDC Tanker with active-roll-control

Actively-Steered B-Double

Latest news

PhD approved

12 March 2016

Amy Rimmer's PhD dissertation 'Autonomous Reversing of Multiply-Articulated Heavy Vehicles, PhD Dissertation, in Engineering Department' has been approved by the University.

PhD approved

12 March 2016

Graeme Morrison's PhD dissertation 'Combined Emergency Braking and Cornering of Articulated Heavy Vehicles' has been approved by the university.

PhD approved

3 February 2016

Qiheng (Matt) Miao's PhD dissertation 'Vision-based path-following control of articulated vehicles' has been approved by the university.