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Changwei Xu

Changwei  Xu

PhD Candidate in Engineering

Changwei Xu is available for consultancy.

Room BEO-10 Baker Building, Engineering Department,Cambridge Univeristy, Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB21PZ
Office Phone: 07834765949



  • PhD candidate in Engineering, University of Cambridge, 2011-             
  • M.S. in Solid Mechanics, Fudan University,2010.







Subject groups/Research projects

Vehicle-Road Interaction:

Research Interests

  • Pavements Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure-Vehicle Interaction
  • Material Modelling
  • Structure Analysis and Design
  • Solid Mechanics



Teaching Assistant in Algebra at Fudan University,China,2008


  • tyre dynamics
  • heavy vehicles
  • vehicle dynamics
  • material modelling

Other Publications

Conference Paper:
  1. Changwei Xu, Richard Roebuck, David Cebon,"Modelling of the performance of jointed plain concrete pavements to dynamic vehicle loads"13th International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology (HVTT13), San Luis, Argentina,2014.
  2. Changwei Xu, David Cebon, "Evaluation and Analysis of LTPP SPS-2 Distress Data",Data Analysis Working Group(DAWG) Forum and 3rd International Conference on Transportation Infrastructure, Pisa, Italy, 2014
  3. Changwei Xu, David Cebon, "Fatigue Cracking  in JPCPs under Vehicle and Temperature Loadings", International Conference on Long-Life Concrete Pavement, Seattle(USA),2012.
  4. C. W. Xu, Y. You, Y. Lin and Y. Z. Huo*,Optically-driven Reversible Deformations in Nematic Liquid Crystal Polymer Networks, 560-563, Advances in Heterogeneous Material Mechanics 2011: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Heterogeneous Material Mechanics, May 22-26, 2011, Shanghai, China, ISBN-10: 1605950548, ISBN-13: 978-1605950549 , Destech Pubns Inc (15 May 2011). 
  5. Changwei Xu, Yue You, Yongzhong Huo, “Anistopic bending of photochromatic nematic polymer plate by diffused and polarized UV light exposure”, National Solid Mechanics Conference and Chinese Journal of Solid Mechanics 30th Anniversary, Wuhan, China, 2010.
  6. Yue You, Binglian Wang, Changwei Xu, Yongzhong Huo. “Opto-Mechanical Actuation of Liquid Crystal Polymer Networks”, Second Asian Conference on Mechanics of Functional Materials and Structures, Nan Jing, China,2010.
  7. Changwei Xu, Yongzhong Huo, "The bending of single domain  nematic liquid crystal polymer plate", 15th East China Solid Mechanics Conference, Shanghai,China,2010.

Journal Paper:

  1. Y. You, C. Xu, S. Ding, Y. Huo, Coupled effects of director orientations and boundary conditions on light induced bending of monodomain nematic liquid crystalline polymer plates, Smart Materials and Structures, 21 (2012) 125012.
  2. Xu Changwei,Lin Yin,You Yue,Huo Yong-zhong , Analysis on Light Induced Bending Behaviour of Simple Supported Liquid Crystalline Elastomer Plate,Chinese Quarterly of Mechanics ,03,  2011.
  3. Y. Yue, X. Changwei, W. Binglian, J. Lihua, H. Yongzhong, Photo-actuated bending of chromatic liquid crystal polymer strips and laminates, International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials, 2 (2011) 245-260.
  4. Y. Huo, Y. You, C. Xu, Y. Lin, Opto-mechanical behavior of photochromic liquid crystal polymer film composites, in, International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2011, pp. 79780H-79780H-79787.
  5. Shu-Peng Liu;Wen Si,Zhuang-Zhi Yan;Changwei Xu,  The Human Motions Modeling and Simulation Based on AnyBody Technology, Shanghai Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 31(3), 2010 .

Technique Report:

  1. Xu, C and Cebon, D. (2014). Analysis of the Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) SPS-2 experiment. Cambridge University Engineering Department Technical Report CUED/C–MECH/TR.104, UK


1. Changwei Xu, David Cebon,"Analysis of cracking in jointed plain concrete pavements", First Place Prize, 2014 T&DI/ASCE-LTPP International Data Analysis Contest,2014

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Feb 03, 2016

Qiheng (Matt) Miao's PhD dissertation 'Vision-based path-following control of articulated vehicles' has been approved by the university.

PhD approved

Aug 01, 2015

Amy Rimmer's PhD dissertation 'Autonomous Reversing of Multiply-Articulated Heavy Vehicles, PhD Dissertation, in Engineering Department' has been approved by the University.

PhD approved

Mar 09, 2014

Leon Henderson's PhD dissertation 'Improving Emergency Braking Performance of Heavy Goods Vehicles' has been approved by the University.

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Feb 24, 2013

The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight is a new initiative involving researchers in heavy vehicle engineering at Cambridge; the Logistics Research Centre at Heriot Watt University working with a Consortium of companies from the road freight and vehicle manufacturing industries. The aim is to make road freight transport more sustainable. Follow links to two articles about the centre...

PhD Approved

Dec 01, 2012

Will Midgley's PhD dissertation 'Regenerative Braking of Urban Delivery Heavy Goods Vehicles' has been approved by the University.

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