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Professor David Cebon

Professor David Cebon

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

David Cebon is interested in taking PhD students.

University Engineering Department
Trumpington St

Cambridge CB2 1PZ
Office Phone: +44-(0)1223-332665


David Cebon BE, PhD, FREng, FIMechE, is Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering,  Director of the Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium and the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, as well as Managing Director of Granta Design Limited.  He is also a Fellow of Queens' College Cambridge

Professor Cebon leads an active research group concerned with the design and dynamics of heavy vehicle suspensions, road damage and the micromechanics of asphalt failure. He also has interests in the use of computers in engineering design and education. He has written numerous papers on the dynamics of heavy vehicles, traffic instrumentation, road damage and materials information management software.

Research Interests

  • Vehicle dynamics, design of vehicle suspensions using passive and active components.
  • Heavy vehicle safety, productivity and fuel consumption
  • Damage mechanisms of bitumens and asphalts.
  • Damage to road surfaces and bridges caused by dynamic wheel forces of heavy goods vehicles.
  • Heavy vehicle 'weigh-in-motion' technology.
  • Selection of materials and standard components in design.
  • Use of computers in engineering education.

Key Publications

Cebon, D. Handbook of Vehicle-Road Interaction, Swets and Zeitlinger B.V., Lisse, the Netherlands, ISBN 9026515545, 600pp, 1999.


Some Recent publications

  1. Cebon, D. and Ashby, MF.  ‘Engineering materials informatics’.  MRS Bulletin, Special Issue on Materials Informatics, Vol 31, pp 1004-1012, Dec. 2006.
  2. Costanzi, M, and Cebon, D.  ‘An Investigation of the Effects Of Lorry Suspension Performance on Road Maintenance Costs’  Proc
  3. J. Mech. Eng. Sci, IMechE , Vol 221, No C11, pp 1265-1277, 2007.
  4. Helmus, MN, Gibbons, DF and Cebon, D.  ‘Biocompatibility, meeting a key functional requirement of next generation medical devices’ Toxicologic Pathology, Jan 2008; vol. 36: pp. 70 - 80.
  5. Odhams, AMC; Roebuck, RL; Cebon, D and Winkler, CB ‘Dynamic safety of active trailer steering systems’.  Proc. IMechE, Part K: J. Multi-body Dynamics, 2008, 222(K4), pp367-380.
  6. Stone, EJ and Cebon, D.  ‘An experimental semi-active anti-roll system’ IMechE  J Auto Eng, Vol 222, No D12, pp2415-2433, 2008.
  7. Roebuck RL and Cebon, D.  ‘Implementation of Semi-Active Damping on a Tri-Axle Heavy Vehicle Suspension’  IMechE  J Auto Eng, Vol 222, No D12, pp2353-2372, 2008.
  8. Jeppesen, BP and Cebon, D. ‘Application of observer-based fault detection in vehicle roll control’  VSD, Vol. 47, No. 4, April 2009, 465–495.
  9. Ossa, EA, Deshpande, VS and Cebon, D.  ‘Triaxial deformation behaviour of bituminous mixes’ ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, Vol 22, No 2, pp124-135, 2010.
  10. Stone, EJ and Cebon, D.  ‘Control of semi-active anti-roll systems on heavy vehicles’  VSD, Vol 48 No 10, pp1215-1243, 2010,
  11. Odhams, AMC, Roebuck, RL, Lee, YJ, Hunt, SW, and Cebon, D.  ‘Factors influencing the energy consumption of road freight transport’.  Proc IMechE Part C,  J Mech Eng Sci,Vol 24, No 9, 2010, pp 1995-2010

Other Publications

Full list of publications

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Mar 09, 2014

Leon Henderson's PhD dissertation 'Improving Emergency Braking Performance of Heavy Goods Vehicles' has been approved by the University.

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May 25, 2013

Will Midgley's PhD dissertation 'Regenerative Braking of Urban Delivery Heavy Goods Vehicles has been approved by the University.

News on the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight

Feb 24, 2013

The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight is a new initiative involving researchers in heavy vehicle engineering at Cambridge; the Logistics Research Centre at Heriot Watt University working with a Consortium of companies from the road freight and vehicle manufacturing industries. The aim is to make road freight transport more sustainable. Follow links to two articles about the centre...

PhD approved...

Feb 18, 2012

Will Goodrum's PhD dissertation 'Whole-life modelling of full-depth asphalt pavements' has been approved by the University.

New CVDC Website Launched

Feb 21, 2011

The CVDC has upgraded its website in order to make it easier to use and navigate

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