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Research Themes

ABS Strategies for Heavy Vehicles

Research aimed at improving the performance of ABS systems in heavy vehicles.

Active Steering of Long Combination Vehicles

Work aimed at exploring the benefits gained by adding steering to long combination vehicles.

Asphalt Micromechanics

Projects related to the micromechanics of bitumens and asphalts

Energy Efficiency of Vehicles

Research into the energy efficiency of long combination vehicles (LCVs) and the benefits of regenerative braking

Load Measuring Mat and Weigh-in-Motion

The development of weigh-in-motion sensors and the TRG's Load Measuring mat. Multipl-sensor Weigh-in-motion technology.

Vehicle Dynamics and Suspension Design

Research into the design of suspension for heavy vehicles by the CVDC

Vehicle-Road Interaction

Research related to the dynamic interaction of vehicles with the road, and the results this interaction has on both the road and the vehicle.

Vulnerable Road Users

Research into collision avoidance between low-speed HGVs and cyclists

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PhD approved

Feb 03, 2016

Qiheng (Matt) Miao's PhD dissertation 'Vision-based path-following control of articulated vehicles' has been approved by the university.

PhD approved

Aug 01, 2015

Amy Rimmer's PhD dissertation 'Autonomous Reversing of Multiply-Articulated Heavy Vehicles, PhD Dissertation, in Engineering Department' has been approved by the University.

PhD approved

Mar 09, 2014

Leon Henderson's PhD dissertation 'Improving Emergency Braking Performance of Heavy Goods Vehicles' has been approved by the University.

News on the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight

Feb 24, 2013

The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight is a new initiative involving researchers in heavy vehicle engineering at Cambridge; the Logistics Research Centre at Heriot Watt University working with a Consortium of companies from the road freight and vehicle manufacturing industries. The aim is to make road freight transport more sustainable. Follow links to two articles about the centre...

PhD Approved

Dec 01, 2012

Will Midgley's PhD dissertation 'Regenerative Braking of Urban Delivery Heavy Goods Vehicles' has been approved by the University.

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